Programs Descriptions

Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing Program:

Our primary concentration is Muay Thai Kickboxing.  Students learn how to execute a variety of techniques in different  scenarios.  Each student will understand what type of techniques to implement depending on a number of factors:

  • Type of opponent - Pressure fighter, brawler, technical fighter, traditional Muay Thai Fighter, and Hybrid Muay Thai Fighter
  • Range of opponent - student will be proficient in understanding what techniques to implement depending on the range of the opponent  
  • Pace of the fight/sparring - students will learn his/her pace through training.  
  • Timing - through training consistently the student will develop the timing of when to execute the technique.

From beginners, to advance, and/or competitive fighters, our intention is to provide a solid foundation.   Students are trained They definitely push your limits. Each 60 minute long class consists of warm ups, partners drills, pad and mitt training, bag work and calisthenics.

2 Class training.jpg

Sparring Class:

Whether you are boxing or kickboxing, this class will help you getting to the next level. Our instructors closely supervise this one hour long session. It is recommended that you have trained for six months and get prior approval from an instructor before attending this class. Protective gear is required.

1 Ray sparring.JPG

Kempo Self-Defense Class:

Students will learn barehanded self-defense techniques from hard methods (punches & kicks) to soft methods (defensive counter attacks & joint techniques). This class will help building physical strength and self-confidence.

Open Gym:

This is students' opportunity to refine techniques they've learned with their peers and/or on their own. No classes are offered during open gym.