The Barbell Club was created to offer students a unique Strength and Conditioning experience.  It is currently categorized into three subset programs: 

CrossFit- Complete

  • CrossFit Foundations: allows anyone interested in CrossFit to attend CrossFit classes that are scaled down and the focus is on teaching the  foundational movements; mandatory for all newcomers. Workouts focus on the  foundations with no complex movements. CrossFit Foundations grants you access to BootCamp classes as well. You may stay at this membership-level as long as you like or request to ‘test out’ when you are ready (no minimum sessions required). Once an athlete has tested out of CrossFit FoundationsBasics they may start attending regular CrossFit classes. Should you successfully test out of CrossFit Basics in your first month of membership, you will continue to attend CrossFit classes at this reduced membership rate for the remainder of your  initial month.
  • CrossFit: Advanced training for all types of athletes non-competitive and competitive.  

Power/Olympic Lifting

  • Powerlifting -  comprises of three major lifts:
    • Squat
    • Deadlift
    • Benchpress
  • Olympic Lifting - comprises of two lifts
    • Clean and Jerk
    • Snatch
    • The program systematically dissects the two lifts into subset lifts to isolate and strengthen muscles that will be used during the complex lift.  Before a student initiates the complex lift, he/she must be able to correctly execute each subset lifts.  

W.O.D.S - Work out of the day/BOOTCAMP

  • The Bootcamp is optimal for people new to CrossFit or exercise in general. Bootcamp will utilize mostly body weight exercises and will also feature light kettlebell work, sandbags, and dumbbells. No barbell work will be featured in Bootcamp.  The Bootcamp program will develop the student to prepare to train in more advance training sessions.
  • what to expect:

    • Weight Loss
    • Decreased  in body fat
    • Increased cardiovascular condition
    • Increased Strength
    • Supportive and motivating environment
    • The chance to learn about training in CrossFit
  • Program Includes

    • Group Training:  clients are able to utilize the benefits of personal training for a fraction of the price.  Small group training provides the same attention to detail as the personal training sessions.  Since students are group during the training sessions, he/she are more motivated.  
    • Nutrition Guidelines:  Learn which foods to fuel your body.  The program will provide information on a variety of foods to eat without worrying about overeating.  
    • Team Building:  You and a group of enthusiastic fitness athletes will experience the training together and create lasting bonds.

Each subset program's objective is to strengthen the Athlete and improve performance.  After consistent training, the Athlete will begin to notice physical changes but more performance improvements. 

CrossFit Class