Established in 2009.

MAESH Striking Arts (pronounced MAY-SHH) was created to provide students high-level training and services.   Each instructor has trained and prepared for many competitions by coordinating training times, 
sparring sessions, strength and conditioning drills, plyometric exercises, pre-fight preparation and post fight support.

It was through training and preparation of competitions, a strong bond was formed. Each fighter brought specific skills. The core fighters were sufficient to train under the training regimen with minimal supervision.

Now the fighters bring the same team effort and guidance to the next generation of competitors and enthusiasts.

Instructors at MAESH Striking Arts teach the fundamentals of striking whether the student be a competitor or enthusiast. Students learn how to counter-punch, 10 points of sparring, conditioning, mental 
strength, angled offensive strikes, and so on.

Students that are WILLING to learn the PROPER way of striking are welcome.

It is the students that are WILLING to learn, notice the level of instruction provided.  The focus on foundation  is what allowed our organization to raise students from scratch to elevate themselves to 
Champion caliber levels.  We are known for our technical instruction.    

Prospective students will learn in our Academy the proper techniques.